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Ferrari says it has no problem complying with Europe’s EV ruling

Supercar maker welcomes the mandatory shift to electric cars

Ferrari currently makes plug-in hybrid supercars like the 296 GTB. PHOTO FROM FERRARI

The European Union’s proposed 2035 ban on brand-new gasoline and diesel cars has plenty of automakers scrambling to electrify their product lines well before the deadline. Even companies whose products comprise mainly of performance vehicles have laid out plans to completely ditch fossil fuels within 10 years. Strangely though, Ferrari doesn’t seem to feel the pressure of shifting to battery power.

In this Reuters report, a company executive said that the major change is a big opportunity for Ferrari. Chairman and acting CEO John Elkann actually welcomes the regulation, adding that it will allow the Italian car firm to come up with exciting and groundbreaking vehicles. Ferrari is expected to launch its first all-electric offering in 2025.

As for the technology, it depends on what direction new CEO Benedetto Vigna wants to take when he starts on September 1. Ferrari could either create partnerships with EV parts specialists or go it alone. So far, the company’s electrified catalog consists of the SF90 Stradale, the SF90 Spider and the 296 GTB—all utilizing plug-in hybrid powertrains.

Miggi Solidum

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