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TMP continues to host Toyota Gazoo Racing Academy PH

Students are taught in the classroom and on the racetrack

The objective of the TGRA is to give aspiring racers a taste of motorsport. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

Toyota Motor Philippines continues to support the local motorsport scene as it holds this year’s Toyota Gazoo Racing Academy Philippines at Clark International Speedway.

The course consists of two parts with more than 30 participants, ranging from sim racers to fans who want their first taste of real-life motorsport.

You can't learn racing without having some track time. PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

First, the students are lectured in a classroom setting on the basics of racing, such as etiquette, braking points, and flag identification. The second half allows them to apply the theory with on-track activities such as slalom driving and a guided lap around the circuit.

“For aspiring racers, the TGRA is a gateway to achieving their dreams,” said TMP vice president for marketing services Elvin Luciano. “Our mission with the TGRA is to provide a starting point for anyone who wants to try their hand at racing. We’re thrilled to know that some even go on to pursue professional careers in the sport after graduating from the TGRA.”

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Leandro Mangubat

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