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There is now a cute Lego version of the Vespa 125

It comes in pastel blue and has 1,106 pieces

How about building a cute Lego Vespa for your collection? PHOTO FROM LEGO

Lego versions of cars continue to be popular with enthusiasts and collectors all over the world. But the toymaker has recently branched out into motorcycles with Technic playsets of the Ducati Panigale V4 and the BMW M1000 RR. Just recently, the company released a brick adaptation of another iconic two-wheeler.

This is a pretty large model at 35cm long. PHOTO FROM LEGO

It’s the Lego Vespa 125, or item 10298 to be exact. Not quite obvious in the pictures is the fact that this playset is rather large at 35cm long. It is also a Creator Expert set, which means that it is not as intricate and as detailed as more complex Technic items, and will therefore be appealing to those with smaller budgets and/or shorter patience.

The advantage of the relatively large pieces of the Vespa set is that it has all of the scooter’s cute details replicated in brick form. For starters, it comes in a classic pastel-blue color. The rear luggage tray has a picnic basket and a bouquet, and an old-school helmet sits on top of the back seat.

Even the stand and the kick starter are replicated. PHOTO FROM LEGO

Even the scooter’s mechanical bits are miniaturized. Underneath the rear cover is a brick engine. The handlebar and the front wheel are steerable. Topping off the classic Vespa look is the spare tire and the pedals for the kick start and the foot brake.

Set 10298 has 1,106 pieces and retails for $99.99 (P5,200). It is available at the Lego online store and select authorized resellers.

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