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Porsche takes legendary cars to legendary island

The ultimate fun run to end all fun runs

Imagine being given the chance to do this road trip with your closest buddies. Take your pick. PHOTO FROM PORSCHE

The Isle of Man is a small island situated in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland. Because it is a Crown dependency and not part of the UK, it can (to a degree) make its own laws of the land, such as deciding not to impose a speed limit on most roads outside of towns. The place also has petrol in its veins, most famously being the home to the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, the fastest and most challenging motorbike race on earth. Add to it stunning natural beauty and a local government that is very accommodating toward sports car owners and companies, and you have a winning combination that just about screams supercar playground.

Looking at these images gives us a chill in the spine. PHOTOS FROM PORSCHE

Maybe that’s why Porsche decided to visit the island for its latest mouthwatering publicity showpiece, a meeting of legends on a legendary island. Having just released the latest insanely fast 911 GT3 RS, the German carmaker gathered some of its fabled machines from days gone by, including the current car’s direct predecessor, the 991.1, and the granddaddy of them all, the gorgeous 911 2.7 RS from the 1970s, to set all of them against the stunning and speed-friendly backdrop of this island gem.

Not a good day to be a slowpoke behind the wheel. PHOTOS FROM PORSCHE

To make things more interesting, and in line with the strong two-wheeled heritage of the place, the brand also brought along a Ducati Panigale V4 S sports bike, a true statement of speed from Italy that should feel right at home in the road-racing capital of the world. With a total of eight amazing machines ready to roll, all that was needed to create one epic photo shoot was a pair of human beings capable of taming the mechanical beasts—two gentlemen who are more than familiar with the demanding and dangerous roads of the Isle of Man.

A road trip with Mark Higgins and Steve Plater? Sure! PHOTOS FROM PORSCHE

On the four-wheeled front, Manxman and three-time British Rally champion Mark Higgins joined the fun. Having been born on the island and holding the title of being the fastest man on four wheels around the TT Mountain Course after he lapped it at an average speed of 207.171km/h in 2016, there is probably not another person on earth who could drive a car faster there than he does. He was joined by English motorcycle road racer Steve Plater, a two-time TT race winner who is more than capable of putting the Ducati through its paces on the very roads he used to race on just a few years ago.

These pictures could spoil your next fun run for you. Or they could inspire you. Your choice. PHOTOS FROM PORSCHE

Together, the duo helped Porsche create some stunning and poster-worthy visuals by exploring the many picturesque and speed-limit-free roads of this ancient isle. Measuring just a little more than 550sq-km, the Isle of Man has a population of 80,000 people, which increases by around 40,000 every year when the TT race takes place at the end of May. This high-risk road race, which makes MotoGP look like kindergarten cycling class, has been held on the island for over 100 years and sees some of the bravest men on two wheels compete for the glory of being crowned king of the mountain.

That's how boys grow up to become car guys. PHOTOS FROM PORSCHE

Outside of the annual TT event, the island is rather sleepy, which creates perfect conditions for some high-speed fun and high-quality imagery that will get the pulse of every Porsche fan racing.

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