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‘NeoClassic’ is a curated car show for the true Filipino enthusiast

Happening this Sunday, January 28

To enthusiasts like us, cars are an extension of our personalities, which is why car shows and meets are popular. PHOTO BY JUSTIN YOUNG

The typical Filipino car enthusiast tends to hold onto his (or her) car for a very long time. We are proud of our cars, as they are an extension of our will and our persona, and signify a milestone. They also identify us and who we associate with. Cars affect and impact our lives much more than the average consumer item.

We already have a plethora of car shows annually, and a healthy car-meet culture on weekends and holidays. It isn’t limited to high-end sports cars and exotics either.

So, do we still have room for another car show or event? Well, the people behind Manila Street Chronicles, Stance Pilipinas, Buzzhype, and Banawe Boy all feel that the local custom car culture scene needs it more than ever.

Who knows? You might catch these cars and more at the show. PHOTOS FROM NEOCLASSIC

These parties are the movers and shakers of the local custom car culture today, setting the pace, leading the trends, and creating some of the best builds and project cars.

What sets NeoClassic Car Show apart is its emphasis on individual Filipino uniqueness and creativity.

It isn’t a typical show where the one who spent the most dosh—on the most expensive cars with the most baller parts and accessories—gets to join. No clueless checkbook tuners here.

When a show runs out of exhibition space, you know it's going to be a good one. IMAGE FROM NEOCLASSIC

The organizers handpicked the cars joining the show based on their own standards of creativity, uniqueness, and difficulty, allowing truly original Filipino builds and project cars to have their moment in the spotlight.

You can be sure that the owners of the cars on display are true automotive connoisseurs, just like the organizers.

And of course, there is a competition to award the best builds. The judges will be composed of the organizers—plus Alfredo Roa, a known builder, racer, and shop owner.

Special guests like Dino Dalle Carbonare will also be present at the event. PHOTO FROM NEOCLASSIC

The last member also happens to be the event’s VIP guest, Dino Dalle Carbonare of Speedhunters fame. Dino is a friend of mine, and is a leading figure in custom car culture all over the world—one of the most highly respected authorities in the matter.

He is an automotive journalist, content creator, and avid car tuner just like the organizers of the show. Dino’s acceptance to grace the NeoClassic event and be a judge is a sign that Filipino custom car culture is now truly on the global map.

Drop by the Filinvest Tent on Sunday (January 28) to witness a landmark event in Philippine custom car culture. Gates open at 10am, and the show ends at 9pm. Admission fee is P200.

Botchi Santos

Botchi is your friendly, walking car encyclopedia. He loves helping people choose the right vehicle for themselves as much as he enjoys picking the right one for himself. Expect him to write about car culture, test drives and car-shopping advice. His regular column is called ‘Car Life’.