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Honda has the world’s fastest garden helper

The Mean Mower V2 will make you love cutting grass

Yes, it looks more fun to drive than your regular Civic. PHOTO FROM HONDA

Is your garden as big as two football fields? Are you tired of spending eight hours a day just to keep it neat and tidy with your pathetically slow lawn mower? Wouldn’t you want your mowing experience to be just a tad brisker so you can spend time on other worldly pursuits that your heart selfishly craves? Honda has heard your cries for help: Meet the Mean Mower V2.

No, this is not a Formula 1 race car from the year 2076. PHOTO FROM HONDA

The Mean Mower V2 is a follow-up to the equally crazy Mean Mower that set the Guinness World Record for being the fastest lawn mower four years ago with a mind-blowing speed of 187.6km/h. Apparently, having a tiny, open-cockpit blender on wheels go that fast wasn’t insane enough for Honda, because now the Japanese manufacturer is getting more mental with a better iteration, targeting at least 240km/h.

The wife might start wondering why you’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden. PHOTOS FROM HONDA

British touring car specialist Team Dynamics, the builder of the first Mean Mower, takes a Honda HF 2622 lawn tractor and rips out its 688cc twin-cylinder engine. In its place now sits a 999cc screamer from a Honda Fireblade SP superbike that makes 190hp. All that power is put down to the ground by a six-speed gearbox driving wheels shod in Hoosier slicks. This should let the Mean Mower V2 get away from irate neighbors awakened by its 13,000rpm redline.

Your sedan’s cockpit suddenly looks and feels boring. PHOTOS FROM HONDA

But good guy Honda makes sure that the lawn-mower spirit still lives within the Mean Mower V2. The stock body panels are retained so the thing wouldn’t look out of place in your weekly lawn-mower enthusiast meetings. The carbon-fiber blades shrouded in the cutting deck are tough enough to chop up dissidents and small rodents that are unable to outrun your grass-cutter on steroids. Their remains are then collected in a large grass box so you may dispose of them in an environment-friendly manner.

Life is too short to be mowing at a snail’s pace. Get yourself a Honda Mean Mower V2.

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