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The GT-R (X) 2050 is Nissan’s weirdest concept car yet

With strange features like a prone driving position

This guy's school project was turned into reality. Sort of. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

The next iteration of the Nissan GT-R is still up in the air. If the Z Proto is anything to go by, it could be a sign that Godzilla will be going for another lengthy nap. But one guy is looking well into the future, and has created visions of what the legendary sports car will look like 30 years from now.

Except for the circular taillights, this car doesn't look like any GT-R before it. PHOTOS FROM NISSAN

Enter the GT-R (X) 2050. This weirdly named peek into the future of how fast Nissans will look in three decades has some interesting origins. It was penned as a thesis by Jaebum Choi, a former student at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. Nissan Design America then decided to breathe life into its intern’s final project, transforming the drawings and the renderings into an actual 1:1 scale model.

The wheels allow this GT-R to pirouette. We're not kidding. PHOTOS FROM NISSAN

The car has peculiar dimensions. With a stance of just over 2ft high and 10ft long, this tiny GT-R is only for one person. Wearing a form-fitting suit and helmet that resemble a costume worn by a rider from Tron Legacy, the driver lays prone on his or her stomach. Aside from the X-shaped body, distinctive GT-R elements can be found around the car such as the quad circular taillights.

This car is meant to be wearable, with Choi drawing inspiration from exoskeletons. Using Nissan’s brain-to-vehicle technology, the driver would “dock” into the car and steer it with hand and foot controls. The driver “sees” the road in VR, with the helmet connected to the network of cameras around the vehicle.

“Exoskeletons today make people stronger by wearing mechanical structures,” says Choi. “I tried to fit the size of a person’s body as much as I could, as if I were wearing a car. I wanted to create a new form of machine that is not a vehicle to ride; it is the space where machine and human become one.”

You have to lie down and let your brain drive the car. Er...yep. IMAGES FROM NISSAN

In keeping with the futuristic theme, Choi drew inspiration from Iron Man for the car’s “arc reactor” type of energy source. Just like how it powers Tony Stark’s suit, this would provide electricity for the motors that propel the vehicle. The crazy-looking wheel-and-tire combo allows the GT-R (X) 2050 to turn 360° around its vertical axis.

Do you think sports cars will look something like this in 30 years? PHOTO FROM NISSAN

Of course, there aren’t any proper performance numbers for a car with technology this futuristic, but considering it wears the GT-R badge, expect it to be just as insane as the one currently sold by Nissan.

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