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The Ferrari BR20 is the firm’s latest one-off dream machine

Specially commissioned by one of the automaker's esteemed clients

The BR20 is a combination of its owner's varied tastes. PHOTO FROM FERRARI

If you’re rich, you can go and buy a Ferrari. If you’re really rich, you can buy multiple ones. But only if you’re totally minted and well connected in Maranello will you ever be able to have your own Ferrari built for you. One very good customer of the company just received this treatment and was invited into the sacred offices of the Special Projects division to spec out his dream car. The result is an elegant looking V12 tourer based on the GTC4Lusso platform that goes by the name BR20, and carries design cues that remind the confused onlooker of the Roma, the 812 Superfast, and even the 599 GTB.

Some people might call the BR20 elegant. Others may find it confusing. PHOTOS FROM FERRARI

Inspired by Ferraris from the 1950s and 1960s like the 410 SA and the 500 Superfast, this one-off bella macchina rolls along on 20-inch diamond-finish wheels that were also specially commissioned, and stands around 8cm longer than the car it is based upon. Where the Lusso had space for four passengers (in a squeeze), the BR20 is a pure two-seater, with the extra space sacrificed in favor of a more elegant silhouette. Plenty of carbon-fiber bits adorn this carefully built machine, starting at the front and going along the flanks to the back, where a diffuser with active flaps located under the rear bumper makes sure this handcrafted automobile stays right side up.

Only two people at a time can experience this unique creation. PHOTOS FROM FERRARI

The cabin of the all-wheel-drive mile eater is clad in dark-brown heritage Testa di Moro leather with silver cross-stitching that competes for the eye’s attention with the carbon and oak trim which surrounds it. Naturally, Ferrari is keeping schtum on the identity of the person who ordered it, and there’s also no information on price. What the unwashed motoring masses are allowed to know is that the creation of the BR20 took around a year, and that the new owner was apparently involved in every step of the process.

Frank Schuengel

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