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Porsche’s in-car entertainment system is one of the best

It will soon have the ability to mix its own music

The sixth-generation PCM will be standard on the 911, the Cayenne and the Panamera. PHOTO FROM PORSCHE

There is no denying that Porsche makes really good cars. And the manufacturer is probably so obsessed with engineering the best vehicles that it has ended up tinkering with the infotainment system. This has led to the sixth-generation Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system having so many features that owners will likely no longer go for something aftermarket.

There are rumors that wireless Apple CarPlay quickly saps battery charge. PHOTO FROM PORSCHE

For starters, Google device users can now interface with PCM via Android Auto. Older iterations of PCM had Apple CarPlay only. This latest version now caters to a wider range of smartphones, which is definitely welcome news.

As for Apple users, the experience is now more enhanced with wireless CarPlay. No need to hook up the device to the car with unsightly wires. Additionally, Apple Music and Apple Podcasts are now built-in to the system. Passengers can easily access the extensive catalog of 75 million songs and podcasts using these dedicated apps.

The PCM's voice commands are short sentences that can be easily remembered. PHOTO FROM PORSCHE

There is also Voice Pilot, which alters vehicle settings by responding to voice commands. The syntax is quite simple and easy to remember. For example, saying “I need petrol” will set up the navigation system to give directions to the nearest filling station. Speaking of navigation, PCM can also retrieve real-time information such as traffic density and road signs for its built-in maps.

PCM is designed to accept over-the-air updates, and owners can expect additional functionalities to be added soon such as built-in manuals and a scheduling app. But one feature that will surely be worth the wait is Soundtrack My Life. It uses clever software that matches the music with the car’s current state. For example, the system will play fast-paced tunes when you are driving spiritedly on mountain roads, or relaxing songs as the car crawls in traffic.

Soundtrack My Life will search for appropriate tracks from a massive database, and mix those to produce ambient music that is more or less appropriate for the vehicle’s present condition or the driver’s prevailing mood. Porsche calls it “adaptive music,” and the system is currently undergoing beta testing.

Your Porsche will soon be able to match music to your mood. PHOTOS FROM PORSCHE

The infotainment system is one of the most underappreciated features of your vehicle. It’s nice to see how Porsche considers this as an integral part of the driving experience, and has made the effort to transform PCM from a simple source of entertainment to a portal of information that’s easily accessible.

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