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Nissan PH drops the price of the Leaf EV

Dropping below the P2-million mark, thanks to Executive Order No. 12

You can buy three Nissan Leafs for almost the original price of two. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

Since its local launch back in 2021, the Nissan Leaf was one of the early adopters in kick-starting the electric-vehicle boom in the country for the masses. However, what wasn’t very mass market-friendly was the price tag of P2.798 million. But starting this month, the electric hatchback is now finally a bit more attainable.

Yep, P1.998 million is the new price of the Leaf, a drop of about 30% from the original suggested retail price, with the help of Executive Order No. 12 which was passed last January. As more distributors are taking advantage of these tax cuts, it’s about time that legacy brands kept up with the trend for their existing EVs.

Justin Young

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