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Isuzu Thailand wants you to wait for the new Mu-X

It will also come in a sporty RS variant

For the first time, Isuzu will be introducing a sporty variant. IMAGE FROM ISUZU

With the updated Isuzu D-Max unveiled to the world and soon coming to our shores, many have been clamoring for the automaker to update its beloved SUV sibling, the Mu-X.

Well, it seems that the wait is almost over as Isuzu Thailand has started teasing not one but two new Mu-X versions.

Do these make you excited? IMAGES FROM ISUZU

You can see the video it posted to its YouTube channel. At first glance, it doesn’t reveal much other than a sharper DRL signature, as well as a new RS variant that features a bright-green badge and a mesh-inspired grille to complement the standard variant’s two-tier grille.

But if you’re clever enough to stitch the video frames on Adobe Photoshop, that thin strip of light reveals a very aggressive front bumper, a new rounded grille on the standard model, and plates that read “The Next Peak.”

When it will be revealed, we’re not entirely sure. But with the brand teasing it now, it’ll likely debut pretty soon.

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