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Electrified Ford F-150s can now charge other vehicles

As long as they have an SAE J1772 charge port

Your Ford truck can now rescue stranded EVs. PHOTO FROM FORD

Electric vehicles now are way better than the ones that they replaced. Some have great styling, while others have amazing performance. Then, there are EVs with an impressive list of standard equipment. But no matter how futuristic certain models can be, the limited driving range is their inherent weakness. And while the number of charging stations in developed countries is increasing, it is still not enough to allay the fears of prospective customers.

Just make sure they use the SAE J1772 charge port. PHOTOS FROM FORD

This is where Ford comes in. Before, EVs could function as a mobile power bank like the Nissan Leaf. But the American carmaker is upping the ante by allowing its latest F-150 Lightning and PowerBoost Hybrid trucks to recharge other EVs. The secret is Pro Power Onboard, which features a combination of generators and high-capacity battery packs. Aside from acting as a power source in cases of emergencies or when camping, the F-150 allows vehicle-to-vehicle charging with its 240V outlet.

Both F-150 models can do Level-2 charging that adds up to 32km of range every hour. This is possible thanks to the optional 7.2kW or 9kW Pro Power Onboard package and the Ford Mobile Power Cord Charger, compatible with EVs using the SAE J1772 charge port.

The charging device is an optional extra on the F-150 EV and hybrid. PHOTO FROM FORD

The F-150 Lightning is such an important product in Ford’s EV portfolio simply because the nameplate is the carmaker’s best-selling vehicle in its home market. It has up to 483km of driving range and can power a typical-sized house for three days. It also has a Mega Power Frunk, which has multiple power outlets and acts as a lockable storage area. The electric F-150 can help make the idea of adopting battery power more compelling.

EVs have gone a long way from an experiment to lessen tailpipe emissions, to being reliable daily drivers. While there are still limitations with range and charging times, these latest innovations lead to even better electric cars in the future.

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