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Another Toyota crossover with boxy styling? Why not?

The TJ Cruiser is a crossbreed of a cargo van and an SUV

Meet the nerdy sibling of the FJ Cruiser. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

If you fell for the squarish styling of the Toyota FJ Cruiser, you might want to check this out, one of the Japanese carmaker’s concept vehicles displayed at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show. This is called the TJ Cruiser: ’T’ for toolbox and ‘J’ for joy. So, technically speaking, the name is Toolbox Joy Cruiser. Okay.

This latest crossover concept is Toyota’s idea of having a cargo van copulate with an SUV. Its declared mission? To serve “drivers with lifestyles where work and play dovetail seamlessly.” Like Philippine politicians.

We're not saying the front reminds us of Jar Jar Binks. We're just saying we feel like watching 'Star Wars' now. PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

The TJ Cruiser is projected to run on a hybrid system consisting of a 2.0-liter engine and an electric motor. Seating four passengers, it will be either front-wheel-driven or four-wheel-driven.

Just think of the possibilities. This crossover would please even rock stars. PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

The crossover concept measures 4,300mm long, 1,775mm wide and 1,620mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2,750mm. The rear doors slide open and the seats fold flat into the floor to accommodate objects 3m in length. Tie-down hooks ensure these objects won’t be flying around in the back during moments of spirited driving.

Is it a van? Is it an SUV? Who cares? Just stuff all your weekend gear in there. PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

Toyota claims the vehicle’s hood, roof and fenders are coated with scratch- and dirt-resistant material, making the TJ Cruiser ideal for activities you wouldn’t recommend to your kids in the future.

That's a mobile love shack right there. PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

Imagine the many things you can do with a flexible interior like this. Just try your best not to engage in potentially unlawful pursuits.

Love it or hate it, that steering wheel looks badass. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

Should Toyota produce this thing? What do you think?

Vernon B. Sarne

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