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Alpina unveils more powerful B3 GT and B4 GT versions

Three already powerful models get even more oomph

Just as these models get updated, the respective Alpina versions do, too. PHOTO FROM ALPINA

Any car that leaves the Alpina workshop in the German town of Buchloe is definitely not a slouch.

Yet for some reason, company bosses thought that the current B3, B3 Touring, and B4 Gran Coupe versions could be a little bit more hardcoreand so they created GT versions of all three that promise increased oomph under the hood and more fun behind the wheel.

The subtle marks of additional power. PHOTOS FROM ALPINA

Power comes from a slightly modified and remapped version of the 3.0-liter in-line-six with biturbocharging that had 34hp added and now develops 529hp and 730Nm.

Power is sent to all four wheels through a sport automatic transmission and an electronically controlled rear limited-slip diff. The gearbox has also been reprogrammed to cater for the increased spiciness of the GT version.

Want additional power without M cosmetics? This is for you. PHOTOS FROM ALPINA

All three versions had their chassis and suspension setup revised, and now feature new stabilizers and reinforced mounts on the front axle.

Steering and active dynamic damping controls have also been revised to make things sharper. And the variable four-wheel-drive setup has been given a rear bias for more excitement through corners.

The B4 GT is for those who want an understated take on a four-door M4. PHOTOS FROM ALPINA

All these modifications lead to a 0-100km/h time of just 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 308km/h for the B3 GT, while the B3 Touring GT does it in 3.5 seconds and runs 305km/h if the pilot goes pedal to the metalwhich is the same performance the B4 GT can unleash if asked to.

Alpina interiors are always understated in a good way. PHOTOS FROM ALPINA

The three speed machines feature slightly different visual accents to differentiate them from their tamer siblings, including a new rear diffuser as well as small canards and splitter in the front apron.

Splendid-looking 20-inch forged wheels painted in an exclusive hue called Oro Tecnico and the traditional Alpina deco set finish off the tidy look.

Do you prefer these over their respective M versions? PHOTO FROM ALPINA

If you now want one, then deliveries in Germany will start in November, with the prices set at €101,700 (P6.45 million) for the B3 GT saloon, €102,900 (P6.53 million) for the B3 GT Touring cargo hauler, and €105,100 (P6.67 million) for the B4 GT Gran Coupe.

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