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Video: Lexus helps debunk 3 myths about hybrid cars

Because many are reluctant to try what they don’t know

Let’s embrace electrified motoring for the sake of the future generation. It’s a must. PHOTO BY ANTONNE SANTIAGO

We’re creatures of habit. We like staying in a comfort zone, and we shun anything that runs contrary to what we’ve gotten used to. Take our use of the automobile, for instance. There’s a revolution going on right now. It’s called electrification, or the inclusion of electric motors in propulsion systems that drive our vehicles.

One excellent way of doing this is via the so-called hybrid system, which consists of a conventional internal-combustion engine and an electric motor. Many of us still haven’t ridden a hybrid car, let alone driven one. Because of this, we have so many preconceived notions—often wrong, unfortunately—about these electrified machines. Which then makes us unreasonably reluctant to give these vehicles a try.

Here are three myths you may have heard at one point or another:

Myth #1: Hybrid cars are difficult to operate.

Myth #2: All hybrid vehicles need to be plugged in.

Myth #3: Hybrid cars are expensive to maintain.

To find out the short but informative explanations to these common misconceptions, watch this video:

This branded video was produced in partnership with Lexus Philippines.


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