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The holidays are merrier with Metrobank’s ‘Happy HoliDeals’ promo

Cash rebates, low interest rates, waived appraisal fees, and more

Whether a new home, a new car, or anything you have your eye on this Christmas, Metrobank is here to make it easier. PHOTO FROM METROBANK

Metrobank rings in the Christmas season with “Happy HoliDeals” promo—gifting aspiring car owners and homeowners with cash rebates, low interest rates, waived appraisal fees, and a pre-qualified credit card if they avail of a Car and Home Loan until December 15, 2023.

The holiday season is one of the best times to buy yourself or your loved ones the best gift after your hard work all year round. That is why Metrobank brings you the Happy HoliDeals promo that will allow you to get that dream car or home for a merrier holiday celebration.

Ready to take your family on a holiday road trip in your own car? Let Metrobank help you get the most out of your budget when taking out a car loan—with the bank’s low interest rates, bundled with a cash rebate of up to P30,000.

To make these HoliDeals merrier, you can also get a Metrobank Toyota Mastercard and enjoy up to 3% fuel rebate at Petron stations; a 10% discount on genuine parts and accessories, and labor; plus twice the Rewards Points at your preferred Toyota dealer!

Whether you’re planning to buy a new house or revamp your current home—Metrobank has competitive offers to make this home loan more cost-efficient. On top of low interest rates, the bank is also waiving the appraisal fee for your potential new home—letting you save up to P5,500.

As an additional perk, you will also be pre-qualified for a Metrobank Cashback Visa, which allows you to enjoy a 5% cash rebate on all your groceries, telecom, cable, and streaming services, as well as school and bookstore purchases. You’ll also earn a 0.2% rebate on all your other retail purchases from other categories.

With these exciting deals from Metrobank, your holidays are bound to be happier as you’re now a step closer to getting your dream car or a comfortable new home to enjoy with your loved ones.

Apply for a car or home loan at any Metrobank branch near you or via the Metrobank website. To know more about these offers, check this out. Terms and conditions apply.

This branded article was produced in partnership with Metrobank Philippines.


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