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Let PIAA wipers do wonders for your car’s windshield

Because horsepower is nothing without excellent visibility

Let’s be honest here: Not all windshield wipers are created equal. The ones by PIAA are superior. PHOTO FROM PIAA

PIAA was founded in 1963 to help deliver better driving performance in the heat of competition. If you can see better, clearer and farther ahead, you can be sure of your drive, stay on the throttle longer and also brake later. The company originally built auxiliary halogen lamps to improve visibility during nighttime rally stages. Since then, its core products have followed this basic principle: “Power is nothing without vision.”

As road safety relies heavily on seeing and being seen, PIAA has a myriad of products aiming to increase your visibility from behind the wheel, as well as alert other drivers of your presence. These range from lighting systems to automotive horns and silicone wipers, the main goal of which is to improve situational awareness among motorists.

PIAA wipers apply a silicone coat to the windshield glass. PHOTO FROM PIAA

PIAA’s products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are worthy of bearing the PIAA name. LED lights are each tested for 10,000 hours (or 417 days) of use, getting submerged in over a meter of water for 30 minutes to achieve IP67 rating. The wipers, meanwhile, are subjected to nonstop 24/7 action at PIAA’s Gunma (Japan) test laboratory for days on end, wiping on windshields with various water types to simulate driving in different weather conditions all over the world. The ultimate objective, obviously, is to ensure that these products last.

Given the sudden downpours one can expect in the Philippines, the topic of wipers is something very important to car owners, yet is rarely given attention because most people think it is only needed just half the time in a year. But get caught in a massive rainstorm and you will surely be dreaming of better wipers.

Try using PIAA windshield wiper blades and you’ll never settle for another brand. We guarantee it. PHOTO FROM PIAA

PIAA’s line of silicone-infused wipers is perfect for our extreme weather conditions. Customers can choose from three types that cover almost the entire spectrum of cars sold on the market. The Super Silicone is the classic wiper blade; the hybrid Aero Vogue has an aerodynamic shroud that reduces lift and increases the effectiveness of the blade; and the Si-Tech adopts the latest frameless design that’s growing in popularity among automakers.

Besides the aforementioned wiping test, the wipers are torture-tested to withstand a steady 100°C of continuous heat so that they are sure to be unaffected by intense summers anywhere in the world, and continue to deliver consistent performance in the event of a sudden downpour.

At higher highway speeds, there is almost no need to use the wipers on a freshly treated windshield as rainwater beads up and gently flows away

The wipers also deposit a layer of silicone over your car’s windshield with each stroke, which then helps promote soft water-beading, making the glass easier to wipe. In fact, at higher highway speeds, there is almost no need to use the wipers on a clean, freshly treated windshield as rainwater beads up and gently flows away. No other wiper is able to provide this effect. No wonder PIAA is a favorite technical partner and sponsor of championship-winning teams such as Toyota Gazoo Racing, which secured the World Rally Championship (constructors) crown in 2018.

Installation is simple for all three variants. The Si-Tech wipers even come with a variety of adapters to suit your wiper-arm assembly. A preparation kit is included in the package, which can be applied after cleaning the windshield. Once done, install the wiper blades and let them run for 10 minutes to coat the windshield with silicone. This will activate the silicone properties of the wiper and transfer them onto your windshield, slowly coating it for better water-beading.

PIAA’s silicone-infused wipers are guaranteed to outlast regular rivals with care and proper use. If you can’t remember the last time you changed the wipers on your car, do so now with PIAA. It will be the last set of wipers you will ever look for and use on your vehicle—truly a wise investment in terms of convenience and safety.

This branded article was produced in partnership with PIAA Philippines.


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