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Harley-Davidson hints at electrified future with these concepts

After announcing the LiveWire, here comes another pair of EVs

The first one has a motocross design. PHOTO FROM HARLEY-DAVIDSON

If you’re still not convinced that the future of motoring is electric, consider this: Harley-Davidson has just unveiled two electric concepts. This after having already announced the August 2019 arrival of the production version of the LiveWire, a futuristic-looking motorcycle that runs on electric power. But while the LiveWire looks like a proper badass Harley-Davidson, the two new concepts are nothing like what you’d normally see inside the American motorbike brand’s showroom. In a nutshell, they appear like an obvious nod to the young, gadget-loving generation. You know, iPhone X-carrying kids in skinny pants instead of bearded and tattooed men in black leather jackets.

It seems the company is merely testing market reaction here as the two concepts are likely just design studies—not much information is given about them (they don’t even have names).

The first one looks like a dirt bike from the year 2050. Here’s a more detailed shot:

With its electric motor, this dirt bike has no dirty emissions. Clever caption, right? PHOTO FROM HARLEY-DAVIDSON

The second one looks like a geeky scooter that members of Generation Z might use for their daily commute. Let’s just say the styling is very un-Harley-Davidson.

Honestly, we’d ride this thing ourselves. PHOTO FROM HARLEY-DAVIDSON

According to Harley-Davidson, the objective of these concepts is to “explore the potential of urban mobility.” By that, the firm means it intends to provide the world with electric two-wheelers that, one, do not require a license to operate, and, two, can be easily taken anywhere in the city. Both concepts, for instance, feature a removable battery that can be conveniently brought inside the home or the office for charging using a regular power outlet.

It looks like there is generous space to accommodate your nerdy backpack. PHOTOS FROM HARLEY-DAVIDSON

Still don’t believe that EVs are coming to rule the road? Take it from Harley-Davidson: Our wheels—whether they’re four or two—are all going electric. Get used to it.

Vernon B. Sarne

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