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CFMoto PH introduces the new 450SR

From concept to production bike in under a year

This futuristic-looking bike is set to shake up the sport bike segment. PHOTO BY HANS BOSSHARD

It’s rare that we see concept bikes get pushed to production nearly immediately. This motorcycle seems to be the exception.

The CFMoto 450SR was finally launched locally at the 2022 Makina Moto Show. Starting out as a concept bike dubbed the SR-C21, the unit immediately saw testing and development before being given a proper production run and launch.

The smooth yet distinct body lines culminate in a striking rear. PHOTO BY HANS BOSSHARD

The steel-tube chassis is graced by slick fairings, with accents and sharp lines breaking up the smooth aerodynamic shape. The pushed-back tank and seat along with clip-on handlebars give the rider a very aggressive stance.

The end is finished with a floating pillion paired with a somewhat sizable boomerang taillight, matching the boomerang DRLs that embellish the front. The wing mirrors are rather prominent, with matching turn signals to boot.

A five-inch display allows the rider to see and access different parameters. PHOTO BY HANS BOSSHARD

A five-inch TFT display allows for interacting with the bike’s various functions. Navigation is built-in, alongside the T-Box that interfaces the bike with your smartphone. A USB charging port is also fitted.

Clip-on handlebars sit atop a fully adjustable fork, allowing you to tune how the bike behaves across different conditions. PHOTO BY HANS BOSSHARD

The aluminum rims are dampened by an adjustable fork, with the rear metal-formed subframe mated to a central shock. Carbon winglets and rear spoilers help with downforce at speed, while the 1,370mm wheelbase, 140mm ground clearance, and 168kg curb weight are on par with others in this segment.

Aluminum rims coupled with front and rear discs give the bike excellent braking and suspension performance while maintaining a slick look. PHOTO BY HANS BOSSHARD

The whole affair is powered by a water-cooled two-cylinder 449.5cc engine producing 49hp at 9,500rpm. While it does come with a slipper clutch as standard, a quickshifter isn’t included. You do get a Bosch ABS, a Brembo M40 front brake, and a Hangte-brand rear caliper.

With pricing set at P299,000, the bike should be available at CFMoto’s dealership starting this August. It’s a welcome entry to the 400cc sport bike segment, and we’re curious to see just how well it performs. Judging by the pricing and the spec sheet, it’s one hell of a competitor.

Hans Bosshard

Hans is the ultimate commuter: He drives a car and he rides a bicycle. He also likes tinkering with mechanical stuff.