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BMW introduces the new M1000 R and M1000 RR

The brand’s spicy S-series gets even hotter

These bikes are renowned as some of the best in their class. And they just got better. PHOTOS FROM BMW

The BMW S1000 siblings are no slouches. The single and double R are hardcore performance machines even in standard S form. But if they’re just not enough for you, then we bring good news. Because BMW just released the M1000 R naked and M1000 RR sport bikes.

As with the brand’s automobiles, the M designation is given to the ultimate version of a specific model. BMW Motorrad’s bikes are no different. Both the M R and the M RR have received significant upgrades. So, what’s new?

BMW made a bold statement with its first entry into the hyper naked ranks. PHOTOS FROM BMW

The standard S1000 R is already an excellent naked bike. A super naked for sure, but a hyper naked? Maybe not. With just 165hp, it lacked that extra bit of oomph to give the 208hp Streetfighter V4 a run for its money. The former is poised and well-mannered, whereas the latter is brutal, vicious, and exploding with rage.

But the Germans are not ones to back down from a good fight. For starters, the M R’s shift-cam 999cc in-line-four is now in the exact state of tune as the standard S1000 RR, punching out 210hp at 13,750rpm, and 113Nm at 11,000rpm. It also now redlines at 14,600rpm. That is a 45hp increase in power from the S1000 R. More importantly, it trumps the Italians by 2hp.

In the looks department, the M R is peppered with M tricolor patterns and M badging lest you forget that this is an M bike. The front now sports aerodynamic winglets for downforce, and the other trim panels look to have been sharpened as well. Suspension on the M is the same as that of the S, but the M does get the M calipers anodized in blue.

One can opt for the M Competition package that adds carbon wheels, Black Storm metallic paint, and additional carbon-fiber trims.

Luscious carbon fiber and functionally crafted aero pieces. Proper MotoGP stuff. PHOTOS FROM BMW

The M1000 RR gets, well, a bigger wing. Kidding aside, the latest updates to the  S1000 RR were already quite comprehensive, and so all BMW had to do was tack on more track-specific goodies.

The 999cc four-cylinder shift-cam engine remains unchanged from the previous M RR, which means it is still producing 212hp and 113Nm. However, BMW managed to increase the new bike’s top speed from 306km/h to 314km/h through more efficient aerodynamics alone.

Now, the aero package on the M RR is really the star of the show here. Just look at the bike. It looks every bit like a professional racing motorcycle. Every panel is made out of carbon fiber, and designed for a specific purpose.

The winglets are larger as compared to the S1000 RR, for more downforce under acceleration and through the corners. The front windshield is slightly larger on the M RR to reduce drag and keep the rider more comfortable. There are also some tweaks. The front fender has integrated brake ducts to keep the rotors and the pads cool, and the wheel cover seen here comes standard.

Again, the M Competition package is also available for this bike, and adds the same list of parts to the motorcycle. An extensive range of accessories and upgrades will be on offer as well.

Now, all this is very exciting. But BMW, can we please, please get an M1000 XR?

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