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Are you in favor of an exclusive motorcycle lane on EDSA?

The MMDA has announced that this is currently on the table

Do motorcycles deserve their own lane on EDSA? PHOTO FROM PIXABAY

Everyone’s favorite highway in Metro Manila—that’s EDSA, just so we’re clear—has long had a so-called “motorcycle lane.” It’s that lane in the middle marked by two blue lines. Motorcycle riders are basically required to use this part of the busy thoroughfare, although we all know this doesn’t really happen most of the time. Maybe because the lane isn’t an exclusive one for motorbikes—four-wheeled vehicles are also allowed to use it. Hence, bikers are often forced to perform dick moves weave in and out of the lane or move to another lane.

That may soon be addressed if the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority pushes through with a plan to dedicate a lane just to motorcycles. According to an announcement posted today to the agency’s Facebook page, the new lane that will be created through the proposed “road diet” could be given to motorbike riders—exclusively. Which means cars may no longer use it.

The MMDA is looking to add another lane on each half of EDSA by reducing the width of each lane to 3.05m.

From the announcement:

During the Metro Manila Council meeting today, Metro Manila mayors approved the drafting of a resolution to study the road diet plan. MMDA was tasked to conduct traffic evaluation studies to determine the appropriate speed for the proposed 3.05m lanes.

Note that the exclusive motorcycle lane isn’t final yet. Other possible uses for the additional lane include:

  • Wider sidewalk;
  • Pedestrian island;
  • Bicycle lane; or
  • Green space

So, which one has your vote?

Vernon B. Sarne

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