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How to end your young racing career in one crazy fit of rage

As perfectly demonstrated by a talented but hot-headed kart racer

Luca Corberi could have had a long and rewarding career in motorsports. PHOTO FROM FIA

What do you do with your fledgling racing career if you are an immensely talented driver who competes in the FIA Karting Championship? In the case of 23-year old Italian kart racer Luca Corberi, the answer is you throw it all away in one crazy fit of rage during a race at the circuit that your rich family owns. The frankly unbelievable footage shown below happened during the recently held KZ Trophy competition of the FIA Karting World Championship at the Italian track of Lonato, which is owned and operated by Corberi’s parents.

This guy deserves to be banned for putting the lives of his fellow racers at risk. SCREENSHOTS FROM FIA

During the race, the young driver came into contact with another competitor and had to retire as a result. Clearly infuriated by what had happened, he grabbed the detached bumper of his damaged kart and waited at the trackside for the other guy to come round again. Then, in what can only be described as a moment of total madness, he launched the bumper at the other driver and the rest of the field as they passed by. Following this, he stomped off across the track, disregarding instructions from the marshals along the way.

For most people that would be enough drama for a day, but Corberi wasn’t done yet. In another video that surfaced on social media shortly after the race, he can be seen storming into the pits and starting a full-on fist fight with another driver that quickly turns into an all-out brawl. What makes this scene even more shocking is the fact that his father—the man in the black hoodie—appears to be taking part in the fracas as well.

Even if you count in the tendency for Italians to be a bit more emotional and hot-headed in these sort of things, what Luca Corberi did on that day was way beyond unacceptable. Luckily, it seems nobody was seriously hurt by his fits of rage, but it could have ended a lot worse. The only proper outcome for such behavior must be a lengthy, if not a lifetime ban from racing and as CIK-FIA president Felipe Massa was apparently present during the race, we sincerely hope that Corberi not only has the riot act read out to him, but will also only ever see a race track from the spectator area again.

Frank Schuengel

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