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BGC to ban right turn to 2nd Avenue from Buendia Flyover starting tomorrow

The innermost lane of 32nd Street will only be allowed to go straight

This part of the Buendia Flyover is always congested. PHOTO BY SAM SURLA

Admit it: Entering Bonifacio Global City from the Buendia Flyover at almost any time will always result in traffic.

One of the (major) causes of this vehicular buildup is the number of drivers immediately making a right turn to 2nd Avenue from the bridge to get to their destinations.

The new traffic scheme is to be implemented starting June 1. PHOTO BY ERICA TAN

To remedy this, a new traffic scheme will be implemented starting tomorrow (June 1), which will not allow vehicles to turn right if you’re coming from the Buendia Flyover or the innermost lane of 32nd Street. Instead, vehicles coming from these two lanes are only allowed to turn right on Rizal Drive.

An illustration of the new traffic scheme. GRAPHIC FROM BGC

There will be a concrete barrier splitting the two at-grade lanes, and only those in the outermost lane from the at-grade section of 32nd Avenue (usually coming from EDSA) will be allowed to turn right to 2nd Avenue.

Remember this the next time you enter BGC via the flyover to avoid having to take time-consuming detours. Hopefully, this solution will end up easing up the bottleneck found in the area.

Sam Surla

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