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Toyota has found a clever way to store and transport hydrogen fuel

It can conveniently help in transporting the fuel in the absence of distribution infrastructure

The lightweight tanks can carry the fuel for our future energy needs. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

Hydrogen is a very promising form of fuel. While producing it may still produce carbon emissions, its use is very environment-friendly—with water vapor as the only exhaust product.

That is why over the years, many carmakers and energy companies are trying to come up with ways to use it.

Toyota has been leading the way and has been producing the Mirai. We also shared with you how the Japanese carmaker used hydrogen in powering some of its race cars in a number of motorsports events.

This small tank is a good way to transport hydrogen for various energy uses. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

There’s no question about the potential of the element as an energy source. But the biggest challenge in the adoption of hydrogen use is the infrastructure.

Billions of dollars will be needed to put up one in just one country. Toyota realizes this, and so, with its subsidiary Woven Planet, the mobility company has come up with a clever way to store and transport the lightest element.

Called a Hydrogen Cartridge, the tank is 400mm long and 180mm in diameter that will be used to store the element. Tipping the scales at just 5kg, it is portable and easy to transport. Easily swappable, this allows for effortless replacement and quick recharging. It can be brought to various places, even remote and non-electrified ones, especially in times of disaster.

Imagine how this cartridge can revolutionize and democratize the use of hydrogen as an energy source. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

When used by a fuel-cell system to produce electricity, the cartridge should generate up to 3.3kWh per unit. Enough electricity to power a household microwave oven for three to four hours. Open to further developments, this cartridge can be modified to improve its usability for various energy needs.

The cartridge prototype has been displayed in Round 2 of the 2022 Super Taikyu last weekend. Here, Toyota and Woven Planet shared how hydrogen energy works and its benefits to the public.

Should the cartridge prove to be convenient, effective and affordable enough, this could be a game-changer in the way we use hydrogen as an environment-friendly energy source.

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