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Hyundai to use solar roof systems on its vehicles

The perfect supplement to electrification

Soon, the roof will not just protect you from the sun. PHOTO FROM HYUNDAI

It looks like Hyundai is on its way to becoming one of the greenest car companies in the world. At a time when carmakers are shifting to electrification, the Hyundai Motor Group ups the ante and turns to the one source of renewable energy to improve its products—the sun, of course.

In a press statement, the Korean automaker announced its plans to install solar panels on the roof of its vehicles. These will play a complementary role in hybrid or battery-electric vehicles—even ones with conventional internal-combustion engines—and help lessen their emissions and increase their range. Under normal conditions, a 100W solar panel can produce 100Wh of energy. The sun’s natural power has so much potential that the Hyundai Motor Group is already thinking of three ways to utilize it.

The future’s so bright, she gotta wear shades. PHOTO FROM HYUNDAI

The first is the use of silicon solar roof systems to be installed in future hybrid models, which the brand plans to roll out by the end of 2019. This innovation is seen to provide 30% to 60% of the battery’s juice every day, depending on several environmental factors like the weather.

Then there’s the use of semi-transparent solar roof panels on vehicles with internal-combustion engines. These panels will charge the batteries of hybrids while still being translucent enough to serve as panoramic sunroofs.

Finally, Hyundai also plans to install solar panels on both the roof and the hood of its cars, increasing the capability to harness as much solar power as possible and convert it to usable electric energy.

Hyundai is opening up a green world of possibilities. PHOTO FROM HYUNDAI

Besides supplying natural energy to cars, solar technology will help ease the load off the engine and the AC generators, prolong the parts’ service life, minimize emissions, and lower fuel consumption.

Our planet desperately needs saving from all the toxic gases our cars have been producing for decades. It’s nice to know that automotive companies like Hyundai are doing something to address the issue.

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