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Volvo to install EV chargers at US Starbucks outlets

Customers will soon have access to coffee and charging docks

Top up your EV while you top up with coffee. PHOTO FROM VOLVO

Starbucks has become more than just a seller of oversweet and overpriced coffee. Students have been known to turn its branches into study halls, and you’ve probably been invited to a “business meeting” at a Starbucks outlet by a shady entrepreneur. But Volvo in the United States is allowing its customers to get their swig of espresso while getting their electric vehicles topped up.

That’s because the Swedish automaker is working with the coffee chain in order to install charging stations at some of its stores. Installation of 60 ChargePoint DC chargers at 15 shops along the 2,173km route between Seattle and Denver will begin this June. This equates to the availability of charging docks every 160km—well within the range of most EVs.

Volvo says that its latest crop of EVs (like the C40 Recharge) can be topped up to 90% charge in just 40 minutes with the right equipment. That should be more or less enough time for its driver to enjoy a medium-sized glass of iced mocha and a slice of cheesecake.

Miggi Solidum

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