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This bottle of gin has bits of Morgan car in it

Supposedly without any hint of petrol in the taste

Fancy drinking something with sawdust from wooden cars? PHOTO FROM MORGAN

When most automakers make use of wood, it is normally limited to interior trim pieces for luxury brands, and exterior appearance packages for vehicles like the Morris Minor Traveller. But Morgan begs to differ in this respect as this charming British brand’s cars have wooden support structures. And now, the company has decided to weirdly integrate timber in making premium bottles of gin.

That’s because Morgan has partnered with liquor company Piston Distillery to create what both parties claim is the first ash-infused gin in the entire world. What the partnership is sure of, however, is that the ash-wood element of this alcoholic beverage is the fine shavings that come from crafting the body frames of Morgan vehicles.

Yes, we know. This concoction probably doesn’t sound very appetizing. But the aptly named Morgan x Piston Gin supposedly has “notes of natural crisp sweet apple and delicate wood from the carefully selected shavings of ash.” Translation: This drink has sawdust. We guess that the recommendation of combining this gin with ginger ale, blackberries and plenty of ice will temper the woody taste.

The £45 (P2,900) purchase price probably isn’t bad, especially if you like your drinks to have tree-based flavors (if there is such a thing). But we prefer something with a cleaner taste like Hendrick’s. All jokes aside, this is probably the best time to remind you readers to keep driving and drinking as far away from each other as possible.

Miggi Solidum

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