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This Aston Martin watch by Girard-Perregaux is a hot mess of a timepiece

It offers a clear (and egregious) view of the movement

Have fun telling your friends the complete name of this watch. PHOTO FROM ASTON MARTIN

Aston Martin wants to make its ownership experience more exclusive and opulent to match the discerning tastes of its clientele. To that end, the British carmaker has partnered with Swiss watchmaker Girard-Perregaux to (obviously) create something that combines the best of both companies. But instead of making a timepiece that looks simple yet elegant, the resulting wristwatch can only be described as a hot mess. Judge for yourself.

The three bridges are a signature feature of Girard-Perregaux watches. PHOTOS FROM ASTON MARTIN

For starters, it has quite a long name. Be prepared to tell your mates that you wear a—drum roll, please—Tourbillon with Three Flying Bridges Aston Martin Edition. And what you need to know about this watch is that you have an unobstructed view of its guts. Girard-Perregaux says that it wanted to create something that makes the components appear like they were levitating within the case, hence the decision to make the movement completely visible.

The entire movement can be seen on both sides of the watch. PHOTOS FROM ASTON MARTIN

The three bridges have been signature design elements of Girard-Perregaux watches since the 19th century. The 44mm case is made from grade-five titanium. The “lyre-shaped” tourbillon is placed near the bottom of the dial, and has a blue hand that counts the seconds. The maker is proud of the fact that the cage assembly is only 10mm in diameter. Its 79 parts only weigh about 0.25g, which benefits the watch’s energy consumption.

The Aston Martin connection comes from the white-gold micro-rotor where the automaker’s name is etched. You can apparently even see it in the dark as the vertical flank is treated in a luminescent coating that glows blue in the dark. Additionally, the indices and the hands also light up in the same blue hue. And the black leather strap is meant to pay homage to Aston Martin’s racing past.

This timepiece is a perfect match for your DB11 sports car and ACH130 helicopter. PHOTO FROM ASTON MARTIN

The Tourbillon with Three Flying Bridges Aston Martin Edition (whew!) will be limited to just 18 pieces with each one costing $146,000 (P6.97 million). If you’ve already placed an order for one of the automaker’s speed machines and themed helicopters, you might as well top everything off with this ultra-exclusive watch.

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