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If there’s a wheel, there’s a way (literally)

Wanting to work out in quarantine, this guy improvises

Flex your imagination and you can work out at home. PHOTO FROM EJ BALITON

There are people who have dedicated many years of their lives to physical exercise, while others are only now trying to start a fitness regimen for the health’s sake. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has prevented us from visiting the gym or even just stepping out for some brisk walking. That may not be a problem for those with basic workout equipment at home, but it is a huge challenge for individuals without any convenient get-in-shape tools in their residence.

That doesn’t seem to be a problem for muscle-car fan EJ Baliton. Despite being stuck at home without any type of exercise equipment, EJ got creative by making the most out of what was lying around in the garage. He managed to find two wheels and turned them into a makeshift barbell.

It’s not pretty, but a man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. PHOTO FROM EJ BALITON

“I really just want to lift some weights, but nonessential deliveries can’t pass through checkpoints at this time,” EJ told VISOR. “So I have to improvise and work with what available resources I have.”

There is really no excuse not to exercise even when confined inside the house with no real equipment. We are only limited by our imagination and determination as proven by this dude. Give Netflix and social media a break every now and then, and be innovative in striving to stay in shape. Do keep safety in mind while doing so. Fitness is an important aspect of mobility, and it will keep you ready to tackle whatever task or obstacle comes your way in these trying times.

Manskee Nascimento

Manskee is a music-loving petrolhead who specializes in car care. He finds peace in long drives to and from his home in La Union.