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The latest Kia K3 is a fashionable sedan

It could be a handsome alternative to crossovers

The K3 is a fastback sedan that can challenge crossovers in terms of style. PHOTO FROM KIA

As crossovers continue to be favored by a lot of buyers, automakers must think outside the box to make sedans desirable again. And when it comes to such ideas, Kia is certainly no stranger to bold designs. The company has just unveiled the all-new K3 sedan, which looks like it could steal the hearts and the wallets of the SUV faithful.

Rear lightbars are becoming more commonplace these days. PHOTOS FROM KIA

The K3 adopts a fastback profile that seems to be in vogue with car designers these days. The roofline smoothly tapers toward the trunk lid just like the Stinger sports sedan. This is paired with the Korean automaker’s distinctive front fascia with the slim and wide “tiger nose” grille smoothly integrated into the headlights. The range-topping GT-Line also has sporty 17-inch wheels.

The interior of the K3 draws inspiration from another Kia product—the snazzy EV6. With a minimalist two-spoke steering wheel, drivers can view the digital instrument cluster in its entirety. Next to that is a 10.25-inch touchscreen with wireless Apple and Android integration. Additionally, passengers can enjoy several USB-C charging ports and 64-color ambient lighting.

We like interiors with straightforward layouts. PHOTOS FROM KIA

The K3 will be offered with a choice of three powertrains. The standard one is a 1.6-liter engine with 121hp. The GT-Line version gets by with a 2.0-liter unit delivering 150hp. There is also a smaller 1.4-liter motor that is geared toward export markets. It will also feature driver aids such as forward-collision detection, automatic braking, and lane-keep assist.

The K3 will be built in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Kia will announce the countries the car will be sold in toward the end of the year.

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