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The Kia EV3 wants to be your living room on four wheels

The electric crossover has in-car streaming and gaming

The EV3 is the little sibling of the EV9. PHOTO FROM KIA

Ever since Kia launched the EV6, the Korean brand has been fleshing out its electric lineup. The EV3 is the latest entry, and it is also the smallest. But just because it’s compact in size doesn’t mean it’s short on features and range.

Built on Kia’s Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), the EV3 is 4,300mm, long, 1,850mm wide, and 1,560mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,680mm. This puts it in the territory of subcompact crossovers.

The EV3 embodies Kia's contemporary design language. PHOTOS FROM KIA

Propelling the EV is a 150kW (201.5hp) electric motor with 283Nm, which is powered by a 58.3kWh battery for the standard model. Meanwhile, the Long Range variant gets an 81.4kWh battery, which allows it to achieve a range of up to 600km. With Kia’s Vehicle Charging Management System, the battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in around 21 minutes.

The EV3 is also the first model to feature Kia’s i-Pedal 3.0. This technology allows the driver to adjust the level of regenerative braking so that he or she will only have to operate the throttle pedal. This is not only energy-efficient, but it also reduces fatigue over long drives.

The center console even has a sliding table. PHOTOS FROM KIA

The interior is made using sustainable materials such as recycled fabric and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The main interface is a close-to-30-inch display, which consists of a 12.3-inch instrument cluster, a five-inch climate-control display, and a 12.3-inch infotainment system.

“Cars are no longer just a means of transportation, but an extension of our life space,” said head of global brand and customer experience Chang Sung Ryu. The EV3’s infotainment system goes above and beyond with streaming made possible with LG’s Automotive Content Platform. Couple this with the Harman Kardon audio system, and the cabin can turn into a home cinema. And if that’s not enough, occupants can even play arcade games.

The list doesn’t stop there as the EV3 is the first EV model to feature Kia’s AI Assistant technology, so at least you’ll have someone to talk to when stuck in traffic alone. In line with Kia’s partnership with the NBA, the dashboard and the infotainment system can be customized with themes inspired by the different basketball teams.

There's the GT Line for those who want something sportier. PHOTOS FROM KIA

The electric subcompact crossover will launch first in South Korea this July, before being introduced in Europe within the year. Kia says there are plans to release it to other regions later. Do you hope Kia Philippines brings in the EV3?

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