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The Hyundai Inster is an electric Casper

It will supposedly be a global product

Electrifying the Casper always seemed like a good idea. PHOTO FROM HYUNDAI

Based on how well our articles on the adorable little Hyundai Casper are doing, it’s no surprise how much Filipinos want this tiny little runabout to be sold on our shores.

Unfortunately, no matter how many times the media has prodded Hyundai executives to bring it over, there’s no getting around the plain fact that this Korea-only gem won’t be sold outside the automaker’s homeland.

But it seems like Hyundai has changed its mind as it will be introducing a global version of the subcompact car known as the Inster.

Here's hoping Hyundai Motor Philippines will bring this over to our market. PHOTOS FROM HYUNDAI

The key difference is that this will not be powered by a petrol engine. Instead, it will be a battery-electric vehicle with a maximum range of 355km on a single charge.

Information is still understandably light, but Hyundai says it will “set new standards in terms of driving range, technology, and safety features from a vehicle in this class.”

It looks extremely similar to the Casper, but will feature pixel-graphic turn signals and taillights to set it apart from its ICE-powered sibling. The rest of the vehicle will make its debut at the Busan International Mobility Show later this month.

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