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Porsche flashes the hybrid 911

The end of an era or the start of an exciting new chapter?

Yes, you read that right—an electrified 911. PHOTO FROM PORSCHE

For 61 years, the Porsche 911 has stood as the iconic, quintessential sports car for the enthusiast. And in this time of electrification, the last bastion of petrol power, the manual transmission, and all they stand for.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. Porsche has made it clear in the past that the 992 platform was built with electrification in mind, and the day has finally come. After completing over 5,000,000km in development driving, it is now ready to reveal the first 911 with a hybrid powerplant.

Porsche says it’s not just any hybrid mill, but a performance hybrid drivetrain.

It managed a respectable 7:16.934 around the Green Hell. PHOTO FROM PORSCHE

The Stuttgart-based carmaker did not reveal any specs or details in its official PR, except for the car’s Nurburgring lap time. From here, we can make a few deductions.

The new hybrid 911 went around the green hell in just 7:16.934 with ex-race driver and Porsche ambassador Jörg Bergmeister behind the wheel. Porsche also alleges that it eked out an 8.7-second delta over the equivalent internal-combustion 911 variant.

We know that the same Jörg Bergmeister manhandled a 992 GT3 RS around the Ring in a blistering 6:49.328, ruling out the possibility of the new hybrid being a GT model. Could it be a Turbo, at least?

This could also introduce the new 992.2 body. PHOTO FROM PORSCHE

While Porsche has not published an official lap time for the Turbo, we do have Christian Gebhardt of Sport Auto Magazine Germany who lapped the Nordschleife in a 992 Turbo S with a time of 7:17 flat.

A time that is 8.7 seconds faster than that would be in the low 7:08 region. So, not a Turbo nor a Turbo S. Therefore, the 911 hybrid must be some sort of a Carrera—a GTS, at most.

Also, given that the current 992 generation has been around for seven years now, we could see the 911 hybrid break cover in the new 992.2 body as well. The timing seems to be right, but this is all conjecture at this point. All will be revealed on May 28 (9pm, Philippine time).

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