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Nissan tests a self-driving Leaf on public roads

The prototype has 14 cameras, 10 radars, and 6 LIDAR sensors

Would you feel safer around self-driving cars? PHOTO FROM NISSAN

Since 2017, Nissan has been studying the possibility of self-driving cars with the goal of achieving it by 2027. The Japanese brand’s latest attempt involved a Leaf prototype vehicle equipped with 14 cameras, 10 radars, and six LIDAR sensors.

Despite all the cameras and sensors, a driver is still present in case of emergencies. PHOTOS FROM NISSAN

It was tested around the busy streets of Yokohama near the company’s HQ, and according to Nissan, the Leaf prototype was able to smoothly predict pedestrian behavior, conduct lane changes, and merge at intersections. In the coming years, we can expect more tests to be done.

Apparently, Japan’s aging population is the cause of driver shortages in some local communities. That’s why Nissan hopes to make autonomous driving a reality, so it can offer transportation services that allow people to move freely.

Leandro Mangubat

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