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Nissan PH updates the Navara with new interior bits

With a slight price bump to match

The revised Nissan Navara may look similar on the outside, but it gets a new dashboard similar to the one found in the Terra. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

The Nissan Navara is one of the oldest pickup trucks on the market today, but it is still sought after for having one of the most comfortable rides in its segment due to the usage of coil springs all around.

While a new generation has yet to come, Nissan Philippines has decided to give the pickup truck an update by revising the dashboard with one that is in line with more modern Nissan products such as the Z and the Terra. And yes, all variants will receive this new cockpit design.

For the Pro-4X, the VL 4×4, the Calibre-X 4×2, and the VL Calibre 4×2, they receive the new nine-inch infotainment with built-in navigation. The VE 4×4 and the VE 4×2 stay with the standard eight-inch infotainment with no navigation.

Other than that, it will come standard with wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity via the new USB Type-A and Type-C connectors but with the EL’s 2DIN head unit.

Everything else remains the same, down to the 2.5-liter turbodiesel engine in various states of tune—187hp/450Nm for the seven-speed automatic, and 160hp/403Nm for the six-speed manual.

Because of the new changes, there are slight price bumps across the range:

  • 2.5 EL 4×2 MT – P1,115,000 (+P44,000)
  • 2.5 VE Calibre 4×2 MT – P1,320,000 (+P29,000)
  • 2.5 VE Calibre 4×2 AT – P1,410,000 (+P29,000)
  • 2.5 VE 4×4 MT – P1,460,000 (+P39,000)
  • 2.5 VL Calibre 4×2 AT – P1,560,000 (+P39,000)
  • 2.5 Calibre-X 4×2 AT – P1,630,000 (+P39,000)
  • 2.5 VL 4×4 MT – P1,660,000 (+P39,000)
  • 2.5 VL 4×4 AT – P1,740,000 (+P39,000)
  • 2.5 Pro-4X 4×4 AT – P1,850,000 (+P39,000)

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