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Nissan may have come up with the ultimate mobile office

The NV350 Office Pod is just a concept vehicle, but it rocks

You would be surprised if you saw the inside of this vehicle. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

Admit it: We’ve all at least once brought our work on the road. We park our car, whip out the laptop, type away while rushing to beat a deadline. But instead of a regular vehicle—especially in a time when working from home is necessary—wouldn’t you rather let your creative juices flow inside a proper mobile office?

Say hello to the Nissan NV350 Office Pod.

This looks a lot better than an actual office cubicle—with a lounge chair to boot. PHOTOS FROM NISSAN

This funky-looking van has the rear seats (or cargo area) swapped out for a computer desk and an office chair. Park the van in a space big enough for it, open the rear, and then the pod containing your entire mobile office slides out, giving you even more room to work in.

Safe from office politics and rumors, this one. PHOTOS FROM NISSAN

Containing all the essentials that you’d find in an office, this literal definition of a “mobile workstation” also allows you to relax on the roof—with a fold-out umbrella and a lounge chair.

While this simple concept vehicle was only created for the virtual Tokyo Auto Salon, we sure wish to see something similar in our streets. Maybe we can have Atoy Customs build one?

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