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These safety features are standard on all Toyota Vios variants

When it comes to the subject of safety, this car doesn’t compromise

The safety features on this 1.5 G Prime variant are exactly the same ones on the base version. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

The reason car models have variants is so that they can be specced according to different budget classes. The variances in standard specifications are usually glaring from top to bottom, particularly in the case of small, mass-market vehicles. The top variant, for instance, will have all the fancy electronic driving aids, while its base counterpart has to make do with the most spartan of features.

The above is mostly true in the area of safety. We often see range-topping variants getting all the high-tech life-saving systems, and entry-level ones settling for the bare essentials (front airbags, seatbelts and antilock brakes). Which is understandable, to be fair, as this is the easiest way to make the car affordable to a wide range of consumers.

Toyota Motor Philippines—at least where the new Vios is concerned—is shaking things up a bit by offering world-class and premium safety systems across all variants of the popular subcompact sedan. You read that right: all variants. Which means that whatever safety feature you find on the top variant, you will also see on the base one—from the 1.5 G Prime CVT all the way down to the 1.3 Base MT.

The Toyota Vios’s cockpit has a total of seven airbags. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

These safety features include:

  • Front airbags (2);
  • Side airbags (2);
  • Curtain airbags (2);
  • Driver-side knee airbag (1);
  • Antilock brake system;
  • Front and rear seatbelts;
  • Vehicle stability control;
  • Hill-start assist;
  • Child lock protection; and
  • High-mount stop lamp.

Accidents don’t differentiate between variants. The life that needs saving in a base variant is just as important as those in a high-end one

We repeat: All of these safety features—yes, including all seven airbags, the vehicle stability control and the hill-start assist—are standard even on the lowest variant. Toyota takes passenger safety so seriously that it is no longer willing to withhold certain features in the name of pricing. Because if you think about it, accidents don’t differentiate between variants. The life that needs saving in a base variant is just as important as those in a high-end one.

This branded article was produced in partnership with Toyota Motor Philippines.


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