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Just how many Vios cars has Toyota sold in the Philippines?

Check out the numbers from 2003 all the way to 2018

The new Vios is expected to continue its predecessors’ streak with unmatched overall value. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

Ever since Britney Spears seduced Filipino car buyers into purchasing a Toyota Vios when the first-generation model was launched in our market in 2003, the subcompact sedan has consistently gone from strength to strength—eventually becoming the country’s best-selling car model. It has become so popular motorists from all walks of life—college students, homemakers, young professionals, entrepreneurs and yes, cabbies—have made it their undisputed ride of choice.

The overwhelming acceptance that local consumers have accorded to the Vios has left competitors struggling to keep up. Critics have simply resorted to an amusing tactic, which is to use the Vios’s universal appeal against it. They often ridicule the car for being practically everywhere—as though that were a bad thing.

The Vios has sold hundreds of thousands of cars in our market because it’s reliable and provides unbeatable value for money

What interested buyers need to realize is this: The Vios has sold hundreds of thousands of cars in our market precisely because it’s reliable and provides unbeatable value for money. You just can’t argue with statistics—numbers don’t lie.

But just how many Vios units has Toyota Motor Philippines sold exactly through the years? Check out these numbers from 2003 to 2018.

Vios sales through the years

The figure from 2018 reflects a lower-than-usual number as TMP has had to run out the previous model and prepare for the launch of the new one. In any case, the fact that so many people have picked—and continue to pick—the Vios over its rivals should give you an idea of how truly remarkable this car is. You can’t go wrong with a vehicle model that has already moved 268,660 units through three generations.

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