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There’s a Vespa 946 to celebrate the Lunar New Year

Only 1,000 examples of this prettified version of the scooter will be made

Just another special edition of this very expensive scooter. PHOTO FROM PIAGGIO

Another year, another special Vespa 946 10° Anniversario model. The Italian company will surely make local scalpers here busier as it launches one more special version for the Lunar New Year. With a limited production of just 1,000 units, it looks like Vespa will be making more money in the days to come.

This new scooter will be dedicated to the Year of the Rabbit. And this is not the last of the special 946s to come. In its press release, Piaggio hinted about a new, limited version of the prohibitively expensive scooter annually for the next 12 years.

Wishing other Vespa scooters would also come in this nice finish. PHOTO FROM PIAGGIO

Vespa claims that more information about the 946 will be available on its website on January 23. However, we believe the changes will be mostly, if not all, aesthetic. This includes a reworked Vespa Green finish on the fairings, including the side mirrors and the rim lip liners.

The rabbit decals are cute. PHOTO FROM PIAGGIO

Vinyl artwork will also be seen on the leg shield and the front fender. Including cute stickers of rabbits. Other changes mentioned include a double-upholstered black saddle and handgrips, complete with handmade stitching.

A special trim underneath the seat bears the 946 10° Anniversario logo. This, just like any other 946s, will get all-LED lighting and a full-LCD instrument panel.

No information has been shared about the specification and the pricing. But since only 1,000 units will be made and based on the sticker prices of other 946s, this version would probably be priced close to P800,000. That, of course, excludes the exorbitant markups that the scalpers would be putting on these.

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