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MPT South launches ‘Drayberks Alerto Kada Kilometro’ campaign

In celebration of National Road Safety Month

The bus drivers regularly traverse CAVITEX. PHOTO FROM MPT SOUTH

May is considered as National Road Safety Month, and in celebration of this, Metro Pacific Tollways (MPT) South kicked off the “Drayberks Alerto Kada Kilometro” campaign.

On May 15, more than 50 bus drivers of the Tas Trans Corporation participated in activities that instilled the value of being alert and focused on the road.

Aside from a buzz-wire game, basic health checkups were held to ensure that the drivers were in good condition. They were also reoriented with the BLOWBAGETS (battery, lights, oil, water, brake, air, gas, engine, tire, and self) vehicle maintenance checklist.

Driving requires a great deal of situational awareness. PHOTOS FROM MPT SOUTH

This road safety campaign supports MPT Corporation’s broader “Mission: Road Safety” initiative to educate the motoring public for safe travels across the company’s multiple expressways.

“Staying alert means always keeping your eyes peeled, being watchful for any potential dangers, and responding quickly to any shifts in traffic situations,” said MPT South president and general manager Raoul Ignacio.

Do you drive defensively when on the road?

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