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Nissan PH now offers 0% interest for after-sales parts and services

A financially convenient option for cash-strapped customers

Paying for your purchases or services availed just got easier. IMAGE FROM NISSAN

Maintenance works are some of the things that increase ownership costs of cars. Not all vehicle owners have deep pockets to pay for these up front. For some, the use of credit cards is their lifeline when these situations arise.

However, high interest rates further jack up these costs, adding to motorists’ woes. Thankfully, Nissan Philippines is now offering a more cost-effective solution to help its customers.

Zero-interest payment schemes are available for genuine parts and accessories. PHOTOS FROM NISSAN

Zero-interest payment schemes are now available at dealerships for genuine parts and accessories, authentic merchandise, Nissan Service Protection Plan (available only at select dealerships), and other related after-sales services.

Initially, the offer is available for EastWest Bank, Bank of the Philippine Islands, and BDO credit cardholders.

Services can also be availed through the zero-interest payment plan promo. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

This is heaven-sent for customers who own any of these credit cards, and are financially strained at the moment. It could also help customers when urgent, out-of-budget repairs are needed to be done on their Nissan vehicles.

For more information about this offer, do visit any of the participating dealerships around the country, or call the Nissan Customer Assistance Center at (02) 8403-6593 or (0927) 600-9557.

For after-sales service bookings, you can visit the Online Service Booking website, or download the Nissan Assist app on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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