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What vehicle do you think is perfect for your mother?

We pick what we think our moms would like to ride

Mothers always pick what's best for their family. PHOTO FROM PEXELS

Our mothers probably had a big say in what we rode as children. Fathers can relate to the scenario of their dream car being shot down in favor of having the safest transportation for the entire family. Well, as the saying goes: “Mother knows best.”

But of course, we also end up knowing quite a lot about our mothers as we grow up and spend time with them. So, we asked our teammates about what rides they think their mothers would own given the choice.

It takes one tough mother to want a Harley. PHOTO FROM HARLEY-DAVIDSON

A Harley. She doesn’t know much about bikes, but she loves the style. I think she secretly fantasizes about being one of the characters in Sons of Anarchy. Harleys aren’t fast, and that’s fine with her since she doesn’t like fast anyway. What she wants is an image that she could beat you up if she had to. That’s my mum. – Andy Leuterio

A Bentley is sure to make any mother feel like a queen. PHOTO FROM BENTLEY

A Bentley Bentayga for my mom, because she always jokingly wishes she was the Queen of England whenever we look at photos of the royal family and the Queen. But obviously, she prefers tall-riding, comfortable and practical vehicles. – Botchi Santos

Have you considered cycling with your mom recently? PHOTO BY DAISY BOSSHARD

I helped my mom get a city bike when I last visited her in the UK. Ever since then, she has been excitedly telling me about the places she has reached and how she has managed to get her friends interested in cycling as well. – Hans Bosshard

There's nothing like the security of sitting in an executive sedan. PHOTO BY SAM SURLA

A Toyota Camry before cancer, but a Toyota Hiace Super Grandia after cancer. Before my mom got cancer, she had always dreamed of owning a midsize car because of the luxurious feel. But when she got sick, she wanted a van because of the easy ingress-egress. We kinda got there. But she really wanted the Super Grandia because of the dual sliding doors and the coil-spring suspension. – Miggi Solidum

The Alphard offers the right amount of luxury with legendary reliability. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

Even if she’s pretty happy with our current SUV, I can tell that she secretly wants to be shuttled around in a Toyota Alphard for the comfort and the practicality the minivan form factor delivers, especially for the other passengers because she always thinks of others before herself. Of course, I’d get her a Lexus LM if I could, but she’s the pragmatic type who prefers to be discreet and to blend in. – Sam Surla

The Hiace Super Grandia Elite will get the approval of mothers. PHOTO BY SAM SURLA

Nanay has always wanted a Toyota Hiace Super Grandia Elite. Because she wants us all together in one vehicle during road trips. – Red Santiago

My late mother wasn’t exactly crazy about cars, but she did like to travel comfortably with a dash of subtle elegance. She also was never known to travel lightly. Mom would basically bring everything but the kitchen sink. Of course, she always appreciates uninterrupted, hassle-free journeys, hence her vehicle should have solid reliability as well. That said, if she were alive today, I think the Toyota Hiace Super Grandia Elite in White Pearl finish would be her ideal ride. It wouldn’t end there, though. To ensure her contentment, this burly ride would have to undergo the Atoy Customs makeover on the inside. I would add a bed, a mini restroom, a vanity dresser, and a pantry complete with a small fridge to get mom’s stamp of approval. I could imagine the sweet smile on her face after I open the power sliding door to welcome her aboard. – Manskee Nascimento

The Vitara, whether old or new, is perfect for our beloved mothers. PHOTO BY SAM SURLA

Suzuki Vitara because we have a ’99 model. To this day, it has never given us any major problems and is easy to live with. Upgrading to the newest model would bring my mom satisfaction and familiarity. – Jason Dela Cruz

Sam Surla

Sam is the youngest member of our editorial team. And he is our managing editor (believe it or not). He specializes in photography and videography, but he also happens to like writing about cars a lot.