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Isuzu PH welcomes Noboru Murakami as its new president

He will be succeeding the much-loved Hajime Koso

Noboru Murakami has a wealth of experience under his belt. PHOTO FROM ISUZU

Isuzu Philippines Corporation has introduced its new president, Noboru Murakami, to replace its outgoing president Hajime Koso, who served the company for seven years.

Murakami used to be the former general manager of Isuzu Motors Limited (IML). He joined the team in 1995, handling international sales. From 2003 to 2011, he worked for IML Corporate Planning before moving to Isuzu North America Corporation (INAC) as its vice president in 2014. Then he was promoted to executive vice president of INAC in 2016, and he eventually served as president and CEO from 2018 to 2020. Afterward, he moved back to Japan to serve as the general manager of International Sales for IML.

With his wealth of experience and impressive résumé, Murakami promises to continue IPC’s position as the number one truck brand in the country. In celebration of the firm’s 25th anniversary this year, it will also be taking a more sustainable path for the future, changing its values, operations and the way it does business moving forward.

“I’ve always been intrigued by the market dynamics of the ASEAN region,” said Murakami. “The Philippines has been one of the emerging markets when it comes to automotive, seen in the numerous models being introduced year after year, so it really makes me excited to start working in this country.”

Hajime Koso led the automaker for a long time. He leaves big shoes to fill. PHOTO FROM ISUZU

As for Koso, he shared: “It has been an honor working for Isuzu Philippines for the past seven years. I truly admire the dedication and the resilience of the Filipino people, especially our team members at IPC. The last two years has been the most challenging, but we emerged to be stronger with the support of everyone at IPC, including our business partners, for whom I am truly grateful.”

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