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The next-gen Ford Ranger can carry anything you want

For those big hauls that would need much more space

This off-roader, cargo hauler and all-around truck is made even more spacious. PHOTO FROM FORD

The Ford Ranger has always been admired because of its tough looks, advanced powertrains, and the myriad of features it offers. So there really is something notable about the changes Ford made to the well-loved truck. It is now even smarter, practical and more capable. Allow us to tell you why.

First, the next-gen Ranger now has an available drop-in bed-liner. More than prettifying the truck bed, it generously helps in making hauling cargo or tackling outdoors easier. The additional 50mm width gives it a wider space between the wheel arches at 1,244mm for an overall class-leading 1,233L of storage. This lets you carry larger stuff like European pallets and the like. The bed liner also provides additional protection from possible paint damage when you load the truck up.

It also has additional features like provisions for cargo dividers, tailgate-mounted clamp pockets, and a built-in ruler with 10mm increments. Now, you can easily segregate your things, tie them down, or make quick measurements.

Also found in the bed are aluminum extrusions that double as tie-down rails. These add to the existing tie-down points that help secure what the truck is carrying. Non-Wildtrak models get removable access caps that let you install canopies, equipment crossbars, and other aftermarket accessories. Exclusive for the Wildtrak variant are roof mounts that allow you to install various accessories.

Accessing your stuff in the truck bed is also made more manageable. The easy-lift tailgate can be opened or closed effortlessly. Sturdy side access step allows you to climb and reach the bed without breaking a sweat. And when camping, there are available 400W outlet or 12V sockets to power your gadgets or various appliances.

Inside the cabin, the Ranger is also built to carry all your essentials. The new center console even has dedicated storage compartments to organize your stuff. Underseat storage is now roomier, while the rear seats fold flat for even more space.

Whether for work or play, this versatile truck has all of the cargo solutions that you would need. And the wait for it will be much shorter than you think, as Ford Philippines is expected to launch it soon. For updates, register on this website.

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