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In Indonesia, Mitsubishi introduces the Xpander Cross

A meatier-looking version of the popular multipurpose vehicle

Do you like what Mitsubishi has done to the Xpander? PHOTO FROM MITSUBISHI

The Mitsubishi Xpander has a bit of an identity crisis. Some say it’s an MPV, while others think it’s an SUV (of course, we know it’s the former). The Japanese automaker may have taken note of this as it has now given its best-selling seven-seat family car a minor makeover.

That wheel design reminds us of the Subaru XV. PHOTO FROM MITSUBISHI

Enter the Xpander Cross, a new variant launched in Indonesia. It has a bigger tire-and-wheel combo with 17-inch alloy rims paired with taller rubber. The wheel arches have fender overriders to accommodate the wider suspension track width. Both front and rear bumpers are equipped with integrated skid plates. And then roof rails have been added for more cargo-hauling flexibility. With the vehicle’s ground clearance raised by 20mm, the Xpander Cross can definitively be considered as an SUV.

We hope there will be a left-hand-drive version. PHOTOS FROM MITSUBISHI

Inside, the Xpander Cross’s seat trim receives a classy brown-and-black theme. Other than that, the cabin is still the same highly configurable space with split-folding second- and third-row seats. The 1.5-liter 4A91 gasoline engine remains unchanged as well.

As the Xpander Cross will be built at Mitsubishi’s manufacturing facility in Cikarang, Indonesia, our Southeast Asian neighbor gets first dibs on the car with sales starting today. Exports to other markets are soon to follow, hopefully including the Philippines.

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