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Have fun at the beach with the Polaris RZR Pro R and Turbo R

Simply choose between natural aspiration or forced induction

A trip to the beach would be more fun with the Polaris RZR Pro R and Turbo R. PHOTO FROM POLARIS

Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, from the large and spacious people carriers to the stout and nimble track-spec machines There’s (almost) always one that fits your needs. Well, what if you need to go over rough terrain and conquer C5 the great outdoors without compromising speed?

Polaris has two new side-by-side vehicles under the RZR Family: the RZR Pro R and the RZR Turbo R. From the looks of it alone, it looks like a vehicle born out of the unlikely marriage of Mad Max: Fury Road and the New Car Assessment Program. The striking fully welded roll cage lends itself to the stiffness of the one-piece chassis it’s attached to, and both give the Pro R and the Turbo R a very stiff and strong platform on which to deliver power from.

Either engine gives the RZR more than enough muscle to rip through sand dunes. PHOTOS FROM POLARIS

And boy does it deliver with a choice of either a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated in-line-four engine producing 225hp for the Pro R, or a 925cc twin-cylinder turbocharged motor generating 181hp for the Turbo R. The Pro R gives you an additional level of control with separate throttle maps for Sport, Rock, or Race.

And should the going get rough, the suspension on both has you covered. Boxed front dual A-arms, and Walker Evans or Fox shocks come standard on both. They have massive amounts of suspension travel at 27 inches up front and 28 inches at the rear, all orchestrated by Polaris’s Dynamix DV tech which adjusts suspension parameters on the fly based on driver and sensor input.

And ripping through the trails need not reduce the experience to primitivity, however, with a banging stereo for your tunes courtesy of Rockford Fosgate, a rather sizable cargo area, and a massive 1.7kW alternator to power whatever accessories you so desire. A digital gauge cluster gives you the information you need, while a touchscreen system helps out with the navigation and the music.

Customers can choose between basic Walker Evans dampers or uprated Fox units. PHOTOS FROM POLARIS

Both models come in two- and four-seat configurations in Sport, Premium, and Ultimate trim levels. Pricing for the RZR Pro R starts at $31,999 (P1.62 million), while the RZR Turbo R begins at a slightly more palatable $25,999 (P1.32 million).

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