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GAC PH reveals the interesting vehicles it will launch soon

Including a GS8 that is apparently bulletproof

The pandemic isn’t really the time to be creative with new vehicles. In the Philippines, majority of buyers simply want a cost-effective way to get around as public transportation is considered unreliable. But GAC Motor Philippines thinks that the country is ready to accept interesting cars made in China. In a virtual meeting with the media, the automaker revealed the products that it is planning to launch (no specific timetable provided).


New GS4. This isn’t weird by any measure, but the GS4 is certainly an important member of the GAC catalog. A quick look at the brand’s Chinese website reveals that the car now has a sportier face. Passengers can enjoy their music with a 12.3-inch infotainment screen, and the driver can monitor the engine using another 12.3-inch display. The sole engine option in China is a 1.5-liter turbo motor (166hp and 265Nm) mated to a selection of manual and automatic transmissions.

GAC M8 Master's Edition. PHOTOS FROM GAC

GN8 Master’s Edition. This is an intriguing vehicle as it is basically a slightly longer version of the standard GN8. It is stretched by almost 10cm, which should provide marginally better legroom for its privileged passengers. China-spec models (called the M8) get rear entertainment screens and a wireless charging pad, among others. The Master’s Edition should give luxury movers like the Toyota Alphard a run for their money.


Bulletproof GS8. This is weird and interesting in so many ways. In standard trim, the GS8 is a competent SUV with a strong engine, spacious interior, and comfortable suspension. But just how the armoring will affect the car’s handling characteristics remains to be seen. In addition, there is no information if the modifications will be done in China or by a local armorer. But if GAC can make it happen, this will be one of the very few (if not the only) bulletproof vehicles that can be bought straight off the showroom floor.

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