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The 10 most accident-prone cities in Metro Manila, according to Waze

Plus, the 10 most flood-prone cities based on reports

Car accidents are pretty common in the Philippines. Which NCR cities are most at risk? PHOTO BY VERNON B. SARNE

Let’s face it: Accidents are part and parcel of driving in the Philippines (with a special shout-out to Metro Manila). That’s largely due to the lack of proper driver education in the country. But did you know that some cities in the National Capital Region are more accident-prone than the others? This is based on “reports per square kilometer” as collected by Waze—with the help of a data science consultancy firm called Thinking Machines—from the last quarter of 2018 to presumably the first half of 2019 (the findings were officially released on July 4).

According to Waze Philippines country manager Sarah Rodriguez, the popular community-based navigation app has 2.85 million active users in our territory, so that’s a fairly huge potential source of information—assuming many of these users bother to actually report road incidents via the Waze app on their phones.

Enough of this boring introduction. Here are the results of the data collection:

And here are the rankings of the most commonly flooded cities:

Unfortunately, Waze has only provided the rankings, with no mention of concrete statistics. Again, this is all just based on the reports of Waze users, which means it’s also possible that there are many undocumented incidents that escape Waze’s data-gathering capability.

Based on your real-world driving experience, do you agree with the above lists?

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