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Nissan reveals new approach to electrified powertrain development

With a new initiative called X-in-1

Nissan's goal is to make electrified powertrains just as affordable as ICE powertrains in the near future. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

The EV industry is constantly evolving to make electrified technology more sustainable and attainable. Aside from Nissan’s initiative of building a factory dedicated to the next generation of EV batteries, the Japanese automaker has revealed a new approach to electrified powertrain development.

This is the 3-in-1 package the EVs will be receiving. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

Dubbed X-in-1, the initiative is aimed at reducing development and manufacturing costs by sharing and modularizing EV components. This will eventually make Nissan’s electrified offerings (both e-Power and EV products) more competitive in the quickly expanding e-mobility segment.

Nissan has developed a 3-in-1 prototype for EVs, which covers the modularizing of the motor, the inverter, and the reducer. On the e-Power end, the brand cooked up a 5-in-1 prototype, incorporating the generator and the increaser.

The e-Power receives a more compact 5-in-1 package as well. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

To sum up the benefits of the X-in-1 electrified powertrain development, the new approach is anticipated to reduce production costs by 30% compared to 2019 with the goal of leveling e-Power vehicle pricing with that of ICE vehicles by 2026. Furthermore, X-in-1 will improve driving performance while minimizing noise and vibrations as vehicle weight and size are reduced.

In addition, adopting a new motor that reduces the use of rare-earth elements down to 1% or less of magnet weight is a significant plus. All in all, sharing control technology and core components delivers an enjoyable driving and ownership experience that Nissan electrified vehicles are known for.

Nissan has been a pioneer in electrification. PHOTO BY MANSKEE NASCIMENTO

Just over a decade ago, Nissan was the first automaker to mass-market an EV through the Leaf; in 2016, it introduced its unique e-Power technology. With the brand’s long-term visionNissan Ambition 2030the company aims to beef up its product menu with 27 new electrified models (which include 19 EVs) by the fiscal year 2030.

The X-in-1 initiative is another relevant step in painting Nissan’s big picture of an electrified future by strategically answering the mobility needs of each market it covers, ours included.

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