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Honda teases a hybrid CR-V that wouldn’t belong in your neighborhood

Instead, a race paddock is where this beast would reside

Made to conquer racetracks, not mall parking lots. PHOTO FROM HONDA

Honda of America has released a surprise teaser for an unexpected project turning its popular SUV into a racing beast. The Honda CR-V has received the motorsport treatment through a collaboration between Honda Performance Development (HPD) and Honda’s Auto Development Center.

Definitely not a diesel engine. PHOTOS FROM HONDA

Not much has been said about the CR-V Hybrid Racer Project, other than its marketed output of 800hp. Based on a teaser shot of its engine head, the engine is derived from the 2.2-liter twin-turbo V6 from HPD’s IndyCar program mated to an electric motor.

When you order a cab-and-chassis variant for a different reason. SCREENSHOTS FROM HOONIGAN

This is not the first time HPD has inserted its racing engine on a road-going model. In collaboration with Hoonigan for SEMA 2022, they turned a Honda Ridgeline into a mid-engine monster with the same powertrain and shared parts from the outgoing Honda/Acura NSX.

Beats the City Modulo wing, obviously. PHOTOS FROM HONDA

The race-ready SUV will make its debut on February 28, which will never be seen outside a closed course. This got us imagining a Type R version of a CR-V shaking up the category.

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